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Welcome to Gloster Aerodrome


Located in beautiful southern Austin County – Here We Really Do Fly!

Gloster Aerodrome, is a Houston area premier sport pilots airfield less than an hour’s drive west on I-10 from downtown Houston. Gloster Aerodrome’s philosophy is to provide a safe and friendly environment for all levels of flying activities for sport aviation.  Located in the beautiful Brazos river valley of southern Austin County, the field is based on the old English aerodrome style featuring Nissen style hangers 40’ X 40’ and 60’ X 60’ in dimension. The hangers are designed with the sport pilot in mind, suitable for kit aircraft construction and multiple aircraft per hanger. Perfect for homebuilt aircraft of all models, aerobatic and production-built aircraft under 6,000lbs. Sport pilots are able to modify their hanger space to suit and share hanger space and split hanger rental fees, as desired.

The runway and airspace environment is ideally suited for day, VFR aerobatic or tail-wheel training and practice. Gloster Field’s 80+ acres has three turf runways, carefully engineered for quick drainage, all runways have immediate access from the hanger areas.  Airfield facilities include:

-          A fuel depot for 100LL is central to all runways.

-          Runway 25-07,  2400 feet in length and is 150 feet wide.

-          Runway 27-09,  2200 feet in length and is 100 feet wide.   

-          Runway 20-02,  3300 feet in length and is 70 feet wide.

-          Guest accommodations in onsite cabins (current) or RV hook-ups (Fall 2013). 

The runway environment, surrounded by old-growth forest on the east side is meticulously manicured. Gloster Aerodrome is located in uncontrolled  Class G and E airspace. Just less than a mile from the Brazos river, flying from Gloster Aerodrome offers some of the most beautiful experiences for sport flying in all of southeast Texas.

Gloster Aerodrome is staffed daily. A great place to spend a weekend, enjoying flying at its finest, ending the day, drinking a cold one and convincing your buddies how good a pilot you really are! And a great place to introduce your family to grassroots flying.

If you desire to know more about Gloster Aerodrome, or reserve a hanger (hanger space will be limited), please contact us at:

Gloster Aerodrome, 4695 Gloster Lane, Sealy, TX 77474

Phone 979 885 6193,

Gloster School of Special Flying


Gloster School of Special Flying introduces students, of all skill levels, to critical stick and rudder skills;  tail wheel flying designed to teach confidence in crosswind takeoffs and landings;  approach and landings over a 50 foot obstacles;  unusual flight attitudes;  survival flying in critical emergency situations and short field takeoffs and landings.  During this course a tailwheel endorsement can be obtained and a flight review completed, if desired. 

We also offer basic flight training in light sport and private pilot categories in tailwheel and tricycle gear aircraft.


Additional Flight Training and Flying Experiences Available at Gloster Aerodrome


Gloster Aerodrome is home to the following additional flying activities:

If you desire to know more about Gloster Aerodrome, or reserve a hanger (hanger space will be limited), please contact us at:

Our telephone and fax number is  979-885-6193 or you may fill out an application form





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